Magic Parties

Steff and Nonsense can make your child’s party whatever you want it to be. From a magic show, party games, puppet fun or hilarious stories, the activities will be age appropriate, and Steff will discuss this with you to make sure the day is perfect for you.

See your little ones dressed up in funny hats, waving magic wands or while they learn to ride an (invisible) unicycle or turn into a purple people eater! It won’t just be the children who end up giggling!

2 hour Party Package

For the ultimate stress-free party! All you have to do is provide the food, and leave the rest to us!

  • 10 mins warm-up games
  • 50 mins magic
  • 15 mins break for party food, singing happy birthday,
    cake etc!
  • 45 mins party games and balloon animals

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The monkeys!

Steff is accompanied in all her magic shows by her 2 best friends, Nonsense and Mischief.

Nonsense is a 3 year old chimpanzee, who can be quite shy at first but soon comes out of his shell. He is very sweet, but can be a bit naughty when he realises the children are laughing at his antics.

Mischief is a baby orangutan and as her name suggests, is terribly mischievous. She causes all sorts of trouble in the show, singing silly songs and telling very bad jokes!